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my November 2013 playlist

my November 2013 playlist

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I’m flawed and I love it

Hey ladies

Yesterday I went to Subic Bay and helped out my friend, Iyah with her project for school. Since she’s a masscom student they had to make an interview segment for the topic “The Role of Women in Media” so they chose me to be their guest! Basically they asked me questions and I simply answered them but what was so amazing about this experience was that I learned something from it. I learned that the media has given such stereotypes to us women! It’s either were dumb, sensitive, all they think we do is PMS, if you don’t have a job you’re simply known as a stay at home wife and they don’t think that’s a hard job; to make sure you guide and raise your children right or if you do have a job you’re a heartless power hungry bitch. Of course those are what they show in movies and TV and it sucks because there’s more to us women than that! But at the same time women “mostly” blame men, that they don’t treat us equally but I personally believe that sometimes us women are also at fault, bottom line is if you allow them to treat you that way then they will! So take matters into your own hands and stand your ground ladies.

Another thing I realized is that the media has such a big influence on the people and that it’s such a shame to see people use this for the wrong things: to spread hate. I’m not a perfect person and I have personally said bad things about other people on social media and in real life, which is something I regret of course because I have gotten my fair share of bullying in real life and online so now I know how it feels like for people to say false and hurtful things about you.

Just because women want to be treated better, mostly by men it also doesn’t mean that we want you to treat us like men, we are still women and have to be respected and deserve your chivalry. As women we should stand together and not just fight for our rights alone, but for equality itself.

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Sometimes showbiz sucks. I love acting and modeling but everything else just kinda sucks. I sometimes feel myself getting lost in it, I try to pull myself out of all the lies and “fakeness” but still bits and pieces of me are already stuck there. I try not to listen to the people whispering in my ear, I try not to be “showbiz”, being as real as I can be, but then again most people can’t handle the “real me” cause I have to always act a certain way. Man, you won’t understand until you’re actually in this world.

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"It’s okay to have an opinion on someone but it’s not okay to send hateful comments because they made a mistake. Celebrities are people too. Instead of getting bullied at school by 30 people, they get bullied by the whole world…


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Can someone tell me the name of this bag? Thanks!!!

Can someone tell me the name of this bag? Thanks!!!

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My beshies keep me sane

My beshies keep me sane

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I used to call people, then I got into e-mailing, then texting, and now I just ignore everyone.

So binuhay ko nanaman tumblr ko. Why? This will be my online journal, and I will be as open as I can. This is the real side of me. Take it or leave it bitchezzzz

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Do you ever feel like so much damage has been done?
Would you ever go back?
Are you proud of who you are?
Do you even know yourself?
Am I being punished?
Why am I always so angry?
What’s wrong with me?
How come when something good comes along, something bad happens in an instant?
Is this just a phase?
Will things ever be alright?
Is everyone capable of forgiveness?
When will I be free?
Why is it so easy to say, but hard to do?
Why can’t they understand?

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Sleepless thoughts

A million thoughts rushing through my head, a million emotions wanting to escape. But I can’t let them out, I have to keep them inside all bottled up. There’s already so much of them that even if a little bit leaks out I will burst like a volcano. Sometimes it’s just so unbearable already but there really isn’t anything I can do about it anymore, but let it sit there inside and just hope it all fades away with time. I wish I could go back and change everything from our beginning.. Maybe then things would have been different. Smoother. Clearer. Happier. But then again, here we are. It is what it is. This is it.

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